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About Us

Dawn of New Age

We stand on the horizon of a new digital age, where transformation from old to new is no longer optional. Agility and efficiency are the driving forces of the digital revolution. The automotive industry makes no exception, when it comes to digital transformation.

At CarMandee, we seek to keep up with the rest of the world by delivering an enhanced platform that aims at facilitating our clients to buy and sell used/second hand local and imported cars in Pakistan.


Our Objective

The automotive industry in Pakistan is booming, with local and imported varieties of cars being purchased and sold widely through dealers. CarMandee aims to make the entire process of buying and selling best used and new cars hassle free, cost-effective and entirely transparent. We keep a close eye on what’s out there and are determined to provide nothing but the whole truth for our customers.

Our Vision

We envisage a platform solely dedicated to enabling millions of Pakistanis to get access to a world-class marketplace for fulfilling their dreams. We aspire to become the leading innovators in the automobile industry of Pakistan. CarMandee promises a better experience for users who want to buy and sell new or used cars all over Pakistan.


Our Mission

At Car Mandee we spare no effort to create ease and convenience for our users to buy and sell local or imported cars. We strive to bring variety for the buyers, and ensure maximum reach for sellers. We take pride in introducing an online platform, where users can be guaranteed about the authenticity of cars and car dealers in Pakistan which have been inspected by our automobile experts.

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