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A Massive Increase In Changan Car Prices

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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On 19th April 2022, just a day after Kia-Lucky Motors hiked the prices of its Kia line-up, Changan announced the increase in its vehicle prices. We are worried about the future of vehicles as their prices are increasing one by one taking them out of the range of ordinary people.

Changan Car prices

In the notification by Changan Motors, it was informed that the prices of Changan Karvaan, Alsvin, and M9 Sherpa were raising from 19th April 2022. Let us have a look at the massive price hike of these vehicles.

Changan Alsvin

Changan Alsvin manual Comfort used to cost Rs. 2,489,000 previously. Its price has raised by Rs. 280,000. The vehicle will now be available in the market for Rs. 2,769,000. The downpayment for Alsvin Manual Comfort is Rs. 550,000.

Changan Alsvin DCT Comfort is the second variant. Its price has hiked from Rs. 2,744,000 to Rs. 3,024,000. An increase of Rs. 280,000 was observed in the price of this vehicle. The down payment of the vehicle is Rs. 650,000.

Changan Alsvin DCT Lumiere also saw an increase of Rs. 280,000 in its price just like the other two variants. The previous price of the vehicle was Rs. 2,939,000 while the new price is Rs. 3,219,000. The down payment for the vehicle is Rs. 650,000 which is the same as DCT Comfort.

Changan Karvaan

The price of Changan Karvaan Standard increased by Rs. 275,000. It previously cost Rs. 1,794,000 but now it will be bought for Rs. 2,069,000. The price of Changan Karvaan Plus also saw a hike of Rs. 275,000. The old price was Rs. 1,944,000 while the new price is Rs. 2,219,000. The down payment for both models is Rs. 425,000.

Changan M9 Sherpa

The Changan M9 Sherpa was being sold for Rs. 1,509,000. Its price increased by Rs. 275,000 which means that teh current price of the vehicle is Rs. 1,784,000. And the down payment is Rs. 350,000.

The customers who have paid a full payment with a delivery date of May 2022 will not follow the new prices. However, the ones who have made a partial payment or have not yet made full payments will follow the price hike.

Aren’t you all tired of listening about the price hikes of your favorite car brands? Which company do you think is next now? Let us know your views.

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