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All About Steering Wheels -Types and Materials

Ishaq Nabi
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A poor-quality steering wheel can turn off any driver, don’t they? If you are an avid driver, or someone who loves to take advantage of the latest technologies, you would know the importance of a good steering wheel.

Steering Wheels

Even in 2022, Pakistan is still full of cars like the Suzuki Bolan, Suzuki Mehran, and Diahatsu Coure among others that feature non-power steerings. These steerings would suck all the energy from a driver while making turns.

However, these things have long been made redundant in the outside world. With the rapidly advancing technology in steering wheels, one is often left confused regarding the different terminologies and features associated with them.

That is why we have brought you all the information regarding the steering wheel that would help you purchase a comfortable vehicle.

6 Types of Steering Wheel

The different types of steering wheels that you can find in the automobile market include

  • Telescope Steering Wheel
  • Tilt Steering Wheel
  • Adjustable Steering Wheel
  • Swing-away Steering Wheel
  • Steering Wheel With Recirculating Balls
  • Rack-and-Pinion Steering Wheels

Telescope Steering Wheel

This type of steering wheel is adjustable. The driver can easily adjust the steering wheel according to his height. The wheel can be adjusted in an infinite number of ways within the range of 3 inches.

telescope steering wheel

The telescope steering wheel has a telescope-like mechanism which means it can be adjusted towards or away from the driver according to the need.

Tilt Steering Wheel

The tilt steering wheel was introduced in 1967. They are mostly seen in luxury vehicles. It is also adjustable which makes it easy for different people to use the same vehicle. The tilt steering wheel has an arc that can be raised or lowered by turning up and down.

Tilt Steering Wheel

It is designed such that the steering column is not affected even when the position of the wheel is altered. The effect is produced by the ratchet system which is present under the steering wheel.

Adjustable Steering Wheel

This type of steering wheel also aids in adjusting the steering column but it is a little different than the telescope steering wheel. In this steering, the title can be adjusted rather than the height.

Adjustable Steering Wheel

The adjustable steering wheel does not have a ratchet mechanism, unlike the tilt steering wheel. It works by an electric motor or a compression lock. Although this type of steering wheel is not much pronounced, it is very effective.

Swing Away Steering Wheel

This type of steering wheel was first introduced in 1961 by Ford. The swing-away steering wheel is designed such that it can be moved 10.5 inches to the right. This feature allows easy entry and exit for the driver. People who need to carry suitcases, bags, etc. can benefit from this type of steering wheel.

swing-away steering wheel

Recirculating Balls Steering Wheel

The recirculating balls steering wheel is a non-power steering wheel. This type of steering wheel is named so because it uses a mechanism that helps to steer the wheel in any direction.

recirculating balls steering wheel

This type of steering wheel uses a pitman’s arm. In this steering wheel system, the steering gear is connected with the center link and it ties the Pitman shaft’s rods.

Rack and Pinion Steering Wheel

The rack and pinion steering wheel is also a type of non-power steering wheel. As the name suggests it consists of a pinion and a rack. This type of steering wheel uses fewer moving parts.

rack and pinion steering whee

This system works by converting the rotational motion into linear motion. This aids the driver to get better control in changing the direction of the wheels of the vehicle.

This type of steering wheel is very common in Pakistan, especially in small vehicles. It is easier to use.

Materials of Steering Wheel

The material of a steering wheel matters a lot. It should be comfortable as the driver needs to hold it for a long time. Here are a few of the good materials.

Leather Steering Wheel

Leather steering wheels are usually seen in high-end vehicles. The surface is covered with pigmented leather. This helps prevent any kind of skin irritation. This material is good as it prevents sweating as well. This steering wheel material is resistant to all kinds of poor weather conditions.

Leather steering wheels

Synthetic Resin Steering Wheel

The synthetic resin steering wheels are protected by a paint that further is polished by car mechanics with full expertise. This type of steering wheel should not be polished because it can make the steering slippery and hard to handle.

Polyurethane Steering Wheel

This type of steering wheel is also called a faux-leather steering wheel. It is made using high-quality soft leather with anti-slip properties. This steering wheel material is comfortable to hold. It is suitable for all seasons.

Plastic Steering Wheel

This type of steering wheel is super-easy to clean. However, it becomes super hot in summer. It can be a challenge for the driver to hold the steering wheel as the plastic becomes blazing hot. If you don’t want to shift to any other material, you can always use a towel to hold the steering wheel to prevent your hands from burning.

Importance of Steering Wheel

A steering wheel is a very important part of your vehicle. Most of the time of the driver is spent holding the steering wheel. It is needed to turn your vehicle in the desired direction. There is simply no other way to control the vehicle.

There may be a safety airbag in the hub of a steering wheel depending on the vehicle. During an accident, the airbag deploys from the steering wheel and protects the driver.

Differently designed steering wheels help to enhance the beauty of your car's interior such as the ones being introduced in the latest cars like the Haval H6.

A  steering wheel can have various controls on it including cruise control, audio controls, etc.


As the steering wheel is very important for the car, you should take care of it. Clean it properly using steering wheel cleaners to ensure a better grip and durability. Make sure to select the steering that is best suitable according to your needs. Because bad steering means a bad driving experience.

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