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Another Bombshell- Honda Increases CKD Models Prices

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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About a week earlier, we saw an increase in the prices of Toyota cars. Now, on 25th March, Honda Atlas Cars Pakistan Limited has publicly announced the increase in its CKD models prices. Within three months, this is the second time Honda has increased its car prices. We are worried about the future of vehicles with this increasing dearness.

Can you guess the reason behind this price hike? Of course, it is the same reason provided by Toyota a week ago. Our depreciating currency and the increasing shipping costs and raw material costs have caused this recent price hike. If our currency keeps depreciating at this rate, we are afraid that buying vehicles will be out of range for many people.

Under the new impact, the price of Honda 1.2 L City MT has increased from 2,729,000 to PKR 3,129,000 which is an increase of  PKR 400,000. The 1.2L City CVT price has been increased by PKR 300,000. The price increased from PKR 2,949,000 to PKR 3,249,000. The 1.5 L City CVT increased by PKR 300,000. It increased by PKR 300,000.

Honda prices increased

The 1.5L City Asp MT  was previously available for PKR 3,279,000 but now the price is 3,579,000. The 1.5L City Asp CVT price increased by PKR 295,000. It now costs PKR. 3,454,000. The new price of BR-V CVT S is PKR.4,079,000. It was raised by PKR 390,000.

Similarly, the Civic 1.5L turbo M-CVT, Civic Oriel 1.5L Turbo M-CVT, and Civic RS LL-CVT prices are now available in the market for PKR 5,399,000, PKR 5,649,000, and PKR 6,499,000 respectively.

The new prices will be implemented in steps by Honda just like Toyota did. According to this, the cars that were booked before 11 November 2021 will not be impacted by the new prices. Although, the units whose full payments were made by March 24, 2022, and those who were expecting deliveries in April 2022 will also follow previous prices.

However, the people who are looking forward to making full payments for the vehicle by 30 April 2002 will pay 50% of the new price. And all vehicle booking after 26th march will be done under new prices. What do you think about the recent price hike? Let us know in the comments.

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