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Another Thunderstorm- DFSK Price Hike Announced by Prince

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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We have already witnessed the price hike of Kia and Changan in 2022. Following these events, Prince DFSK has now successfully thrown another bombshell on the citizens by increasing its prices as well. Why are the prices increasing? Well, the answer is the same as before. All thanks to increasing dollar rate and raw material rates.

The price hike has been observed in DFSK Glory, Prince Pearl, and Prince K07. Let’s see how much the prices have increased in each of them.

DFSK Price in Pakistan

Prince K07

The previous rate of Prince K07 was Rs. 1,749,000. But the vehicle’s price jumped by Rs. 290,000. It will now be available for Rs. 2,039,000 in the market.

Regal motors, the manufacturers of Prince vehicles confirm that the orders whose payments have been collected by 30th April 2022 will be exempted from the new prices. The orders placed after 30th April will be according to the new prices.

The first price hike was already huge pressure on people. But after this hike, we are afraid that the companies which have not yet increased their prices will soon follow the trend too. What is your view on this? Let us know in the comments section.

Price Pearl

The price of Prince Pearl, an 800cc vehicle, has been increased by Rs.200,000. Previously, the vehicle was available in the market for Rs. 1,334,000. But now Prince Pearl will be bought for Rs. 1,534,000.

DFSK Glory

The DSFK Glory has three variants and their prices increased by Rs.360,000. The Glory 580 1.5L CVT was previously available for Rs. 4,649,000 but now its price jumped to Rs. 5,009,000.

The price of Glory 580 1.8L CVT increased from Rs. 4,800,000 to Rs. 5,160,000. The price of Glory 580 Pro, the top variant, raised from Rs. 5,040,000 to Rs. 5,400,000.

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