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BAIC BJ40 Plus Price Increased By Rs. 1.3 Million

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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One by one, auto manufacturers are announcing an increase in the prices of their cars. Why wouldn’t they? The rupee has devaluated so much that the dollar is now equivalent to Rs. 238. In just the previous night, the dollar went from Rs. 228 to Rs. 236. This is devastating for all industries that rely on imported goods.

After Kia and Hyundai, the Sazgar group announced to increase the price of BAIC BJ40 Plus. According to the official notification, the new price of BAIC BJ40 Plus is Rs. 9,495,000 W.E.F 25th July.

This is a huge increase from the previous price of Rs. 8,199,000, recording an increase of almost Rs 1.3 million. Furthermore, the company has announced that customers who have paid full price before 25th July will not bear any price increase.

It is pertinent to mention that the BJ40 Plus, despite being a very good car in our perspective, has sold fewer units compared to its competitors. So, will this increase further damage the sales of the Jeep-like SUV?

Well, not if its competitors like the Toyota Hilux Revo and Toyota Fortuner increase in price as well. Currently, the price of Kia Sorrento and MG HS fall in the Rs. 8 million categories. So, car enthusiasts, or we should say “Off-road enthusiasts”, will continue to prefer the BAIC BJ40 Plus.

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