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Changan To Launch Two More Mid-Sized SUVs?

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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Changan-Master Motors seems to have brought a revolution to the appearance of some of the models in its lineup. Where people are still obsessed with ALSVIN and OSHAN X7, Changan is teasing the Pakistani auto industry with a compact crossover SUV.

Oshan X5 and Changan CS35 Plus will soon debut in the Pakistani automobile market with their new smart and sleek look. It looks like the Chinese vehicle manufacturer is trying to excel in all car categories in Pakistan.

Changan CS35Plus

The all-new Changan CS35Plus received a facelift and was launched in the Philippines. The most outstanding quality seen in Changan CS35 Plus was the fuel average of this newly released variant.

Changan CS35

According to a fuel test conducted, this vehicle showed a fuel average of 21.49km/l on highways. This fuel average distinguished this vehicle from all others available in the market.

Engine, transmission & Fuel Efficiency

Changan CS35 Plus allows you to drive freely with the efficient powertrain system. It has a Blue Core 1.4T full aluminum alloy engine with direct injection in a cylinder. It has a 53 liters fuel tank. Moreover, it has a 7-speed wet dual-clutch transmission providing a faster, smoother, and more durable driving experience. Keeping into account your comfort and control, Changan CS35Plus has an excellent chassis tuning and EPS (Electronic Power Steering) that assists your smooth turns.


If we talk about the interior, it has a Panoramic sunroof equipped with a Forest Air purification system. Seating includes leather seats combined with a spacious legroom and comfortable driving and seating capacity. It is equipped with the latest infotainment system ‘Incall 3.0 intelligent system’

Safety Features

Some of the most prominent safety features are mentioned below:

  • ACC with Stop/Go” adaptive cruise control
  • 10 Safety airbags to keep the passengers safe.
  • AEB intelligent auxiliary emergency braking system that adds a lot to your mental peace while driving.
  • AVM 360°panoramic imaging system to make all the blind spots visible.
  • BOSCH ESP 9.3 Electronic Stability Control system which makes it easy to cope with all kinds of road conditions.


The exterior look involves the Black armor-style front lattice grille. The Whale tail shape elements are added to make the vehicle look sportier. Moreover, there is a dual sports exhaust on its rear. The most important exterior feature it has is the automatic headlights & intelligent lighting which adapts itself according to atmospheric conditions.


Oshan X5 was launched with a breakthrough design at the Chongqing Auto show, worldwide. It looked quite familiar to Oshan X7 but Oshan X5 is a 5-seater compact crossover SUV.

Changan Oshan X5

Engine and Fuel Efficiency

Oshan X5 is powered by a 1.5litre blue whale NE Turbo engine that produces 180 hp and 300Nm of Torque. Moreover, it has a seven-speed dual-clutch transmission. To keep it safe for the environment, it has a Euro-6 fuel injection system.


Oshan X5 interior looks quite the same as of Oshan x7. It has a D-shaped steering wheel with the same black-colored whole interior. The glossy silver AC vents add a lot to its luxurious look. The Oshan X5 has spacious legroom and leather seats to provide extra comfort to passengers during their rides.

Suspension and Handling

Changan X5 has the same large wheel structure as Oshan X7. It has 18-inch 225/50/R18 tires with black finish alloys. Changan X5 has a stiff suspension which allows for greater handling during off-roading.


Oshan X5 has several safety features which are mentioned as follows:

  • 360-degree camera
  • Rear parking sensors
  • Rear and front camera
  • Panoramic sunroof
  • Auto headlight adjuster
  • Headlight washer

The Ending Note

Changan is renowned for its locally produced world-class vehicles in Pakistan. But the company hasn’t decided what they’ll price Changan CS35 Plus and Oshan X5. Changan has just released a teaser that has stated the shape and features of the already present model in the market. However, the company has yet to decide what will be the price of these cars according to the Pakistani market.

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