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DFSK And GWM Prices Increased in Pakistan

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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After the rapid decline of the rupee in comparison to the US dollar, car manufacturers were bound to increase the prices of their cars in Pakistan. Since most automotive parts are imported, the massive fall of the rupee meant that the increase in prices had to be massive as well.

Therefore, we saw the greatest increase in the prices of Toyota, Honda, and Suzuki. Lastly, DFSK and GWM increased the prices of their cars as well. Both these companies will start charging new prices to their customers starting from the 1st of August.

Prince Pearl Prices:

Prince Pearl is the most affordable new car in Pakistan. The 800 cc Hatchback witnessed a price increase of Rs. 386,000, going from Rs. 1,534,000 to Rs. 1,920,000. So now, the most affordable car in Pakistan with air conditioning is worth Rs. 1,920,000.

DFSK Glory Prices

DFSK Glory is a seven-seater SUV. The price increase in all three of its variants goes like this:

  • The base variant of Glory 580 1.5L CVT witnessed a price increase of Rs. 1,096,000, going from Rs. 5,009,000 to Rs. 6,105,000.
  • The price of Glory 580 1.8L CVT witnessed a jump of Rs. 1,096,000, taking its price from Rs. 5,160,000 to Rs. 6,256,000.
  • Finally, its top-of-the-line variant, the Glory 580 Pro went from Rs. 5,400,000 to Rs. 6,550,000, registering an increase of Rs. 1,150,000.

Prince K07 Price

DFSK’s minivan also witnessed a massive increase of Rs. 430,000, taking its previous price of Rs. 2,039,000 to Rs. 2,469,000.

Prince K01 Price

Lastly, DFSK’s Minitruck, the K01 faced an increase of Rs. 700,000, taking its price from Rs. 2,169,000.

GWM Price increase

The Haval H6 2.0T and 1.5T are the only cars from GWM in Pakistan. GWM has a joint venture with Sazgar Engineers in Pakistan. The price increase they went through are mentioned below:

  • The 1.5T witnessed an increase of Rs. 1,100,000, taking its price from Rs. 6,499,000 to Rs. 7,599,000.
  • The H6 2.0T went through a price increase of Rs. 1,300,000, taking its price from Rs. 7,499,000 to Rs. 8,799,000.

Since these price hikes are massive for the average consumers, we share the distress with our countrymen. So long as the rupee appreciates rapidly, we can’t expect any relief in car prices.

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