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Expert Buying - How To Find a New or Used Car in Pakistan

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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Are you looking forward to buying a car but are overwhelmed due to the choices? Well, don’t worry, we know it’s not easy buying a new or used car in Pakistan. With so many new entrants in the Pakistani car market as well as the Japanese imports, buyers are often confused as to what to buy. Therefore, we decided to compile a holistic guide that caters to every aspect of car buying.

We hope after reading this buyers will be able to confidently select the car they want to buy. So without further ado, let’s dive in.

Find a balance between your budget and your needs

Only you can tell what your needs are and therefore, It can only be you who can make a checklist of features that you need from your car. With the constantly advancing technology, car features are increasing by the day. While some might prove a lifesaver for you others are just gimmicks.

Since the list of features is endless, you can start from the very basics. This could be the number of seats in your car, the engine's power, type of transmission, fuel consumption, and the carmaker's brand value. To know more about all the cars in different price ranges, check out our article on the best car for your price range.

Finding cars within your price range

So if you are someone with a small family and will only be driving your car inside a city, you will probably do fine with a car that has 4 seats, is forward wheel drive, automatic, and a smaller engine that is fuel-efficient.

On the other hand, if you need a car for traveling long distances including hilly areas and you’ll be carrying quite a bit of luggage with you, then a car with a bigger engine, manual transmission, and a bigger boot area will do the job for you.

Recently, features like airbags, comfortable seats, tire pressure monitoring sensors, cameras, eco/sports modes, cruise control, lane, and hill assist have generated a demand. So whatever is important or essential to you, keep them higher on your list of priorities.

Screen out a Few Cars

This may sound like a cliche to some but it’s so common for buyers to end up buying a car that they didn’t have in mind. Sometimes salesmen are so persuasive, they can make you finalize buying a car that’s in their showroom. To do so they will only mention the positive aspects of that car and avoid mentioning any negative aspects. Once you’ve bought the car, and used it for a while, you may find some of its features that are either missing or not serving you well.

screening out cars based on your needs and wants

This is why we recommend doing your research online. We have compiled a lot of car reviews, you can check them out to find which one will suit you best. In case you don’t find a review of the car you are considering on our blog or youtube channel, let us know and we will review that car.

You can also peruse through our diverse new and used car for sale inventory, for car prices and features. You can also get a comparison chart drawn of up to three cars at a time on our website. This will help you to find out which car has the most features and which one is missing some.

Screen out the ones that are the most suitable to your needs and budget.

Contact The Sellers

Whether you’re buying from Carmandee or any other online car marketplace in Pakistan, you will find sellers' contact information. Sellers can be individuals or professional dealers and no matter the case, you have every right to inquire as much as you can about their car on the phone.

At the time you are calling them, have their ad in front of you so you can ask the right questions. Keep an eye out on points they have exaggerated in their ad. Ask them if the documents are original or if there’s an issue with the car that’s worth mentioning. Emphasize this point because finding a big flaw, later on, will not only fail the deal but also waste time.

Contact the seller

Also, ask them if they are willing to negotiate on the price. If, after the call, you feel that the offer is good enough and the seller seems like a trustworthy and credible person, set a meeting.

Meet The Seller And Check The Car Physically

Don’t finalize your deal on just a phone call. You might find scammers who claim that they have a shortage of time, they can’t show the car physically or they want the deal finalized on call. Some will create a sense of urgency to get you to buy carelessly. Don’t fall for these tricks and only buy when you are fully satisfied.

Usually, the seller is adamant to show you the car at his place of choice which in the case of an individual seller would be his home or office. This is completely fine since the seller has to show his car to several potential buyers, he/she can't take the car to everyone’s place of ease.

check the car physically

However, if you feel that the place asked to meet is too far, ask him/her to meet in between. If the person has enough room, he/she will show courtesy. Otherwise, you will have to comply.

Check the car thoroughly when you get to see it. Open the bonnet, put it on a stand and turn the car engine on. Notice if the car emits black or grey smoke from its exhaust. The engine is the most important and also the most complicated part of the engine, to understand it thoroughly read our article on, "How to check a car's engine."

Ask the seller for a short drive. You should be granted this opportunity and if provided, notice how it feels. Notice issues with everything from the gear to the pedals and from how the car accelerated to its road grip.

Double-check the car's documents

Check the documents, see if the names and ID card copies are accurate. See if the document is original. There’s a lot more that you should be checking out in a car's documents but that’s too much detail for this article. Therefore, we have dedicated a separate article on how to check a car's documents, click the link to read it out.

check the car's documents thoroughly

Following that list can do you wonders. For now, the above-mentioned steps will be enough.

Finalize the deal

If you’ve checked a few or more cars and landed on one that you think is good enough, then it’s time to finalize the deal. You can get your car second checked by a trusted mechanic or a car dealership. They will charge you a minimal account but it will be worth more.

Very soon Carmandee will be launching its car inspection service where their trusted experts would check some 200 points in a car and give their review. This will help buyers know a lot more than what individual mechanics could tell them.

finalize the deal

The main parts of deal finalization are signing the transfer deed and handing over the money. The deed is paid for by the buyer and it’s better if it’s done under the supervision of an agent. They will not charge a lot for this but their help can be valuable.

More so, paying by draft is the best way to go. Cash payments and cheques are a big no-no these days.


That’s all for now but keep checking our blog for upcoming articles about expert buying. If you have a specific query you want to be answered, let us know and we will do that in as much detail as we can.

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