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Latest Features You Want To Have In Your Cars

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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When it comes to advancements in the automobile industry, we have seen divergent features being added to cars for numerous reasons. If you're someone who is unaware of some of the latest features in cars, then this article is for you.  

Before investing in a vehicle, it is fundamental to know what all the major features are and how they’ll make your life easier. Always opt for that car that makes you feel the most comfortable as compared to the one that’s trending.

Here’s a brief explanation of the most prevalent comfort, safety, and tech features found in cars these days

Anti-lock braking systems

In case of challenging and nerve-wracking situations like a slippery lane, it becomes incredibly taxing for drivers to tackle slick surfaces due to the lack of dexterity.

The braking systems in earlier models of vehicles only exerted braking pressure to the rear wheels which resulted in the locking of the rear wheels in emergencies. This caused swerving owing to which the wheels of a car could lock up in emergency or panic conditions.

Anti-lock braking systems

The novel invention of ABS or an anti-lock braking system in cars prevents skidding and makes braking in slippery circumstances easier for the driver. Most modern four and two-wheelers come with ABS as it is deemed a prerequisite for modern vehicle safety.

This safety feature has made drivers’ life easier and safer as managing swerving can be complicated for the most experienced drivers.

Smart Entry System

A smart entry system is a piece of technology that enables you to lock or unlock your vehicle without the assistance of a key or a key fob. Let’s imagine the hassle of carrying multiple bags of groceries and trying to open your car without the assistance of anyone. The smart entry system allows the car owner to operate the car without having the key or key fob in his hand.

Smart Entry System

Different car brands have variable geographical ranges for the smart entry system to work. For example, Toyota has a range of 3.3 feet i.e. if the key is within this area of either the front or back door handles, you can lock and unlock the vehicle’s front and back doors and start your vehicle’s engine.

Honda has a range of 32 inches to do all the aforementioned functions, but you have to keep your key within this specific area.

In the age of technological advancement, a smart entry system is integral for a hassle-free experience. Therefore, always opt for a vehicle that has this feature because once you have tried it you won’t look back.

Active Park Assist technology

Parallelophobia- the toiling task of parallel parking is certainly real. Even reverse parking maneuvers can be a taxing ordeal. Moreover, the high traffic influx and overcrowded and congested parking spaces have made it incredibly difficult to park.

Active Park Assist technology

However, self-parking cars are here for our rescue. In today’s era of the digital revolution, almost all major players of the automobile industry including Ford, Mercedes, and Volkswagen offer this feature.

Active Park Assist technology enables the car to self-park and the driver can even stand next to the car with remote control and see his car parking itself. You can even use your smartphone to do this.

Parking sensors and reversing cameras are undoubtedly useful but this new and novel active park assist technology has revolutionized the whole notion of parking. Some new cars that offer this feature are Skoda Octavia hatchback, DS 3 Crossback SUV, Mercedes C-Class saloon, BMW 5 Series, and Ford Fiesta hatchback.

Cruise Control

Traveling long distances can be tiring and cause fatigue as pressing and releasing the accelerator pedal at regular intervals requires constant attention, time, and energy. Moreover, when you are stuck in a traffic jam during rush hours, adjusting the speed can become a chore.

Cruise Control

This is where cruise control comes into place. This feature is a servomechanism that pre-sets the speed of your vehicle electronically.

It is particularly beneficial for drivers on long and tiring drives where it becomes arduous to keep pressing the accelerator pedal. It utilizes an actuator to move the throttle to keep the vehicle cruising at the same speed on long journeys.

Therefore, this electronic servomechanism allows you to maintain a safe distance from the car in front of you in your lane based upon how fast that car is going. Using cruise control on the motorway can also help reduce fuel consumption so that’s a bonus.

Adaptive cruise control

Adaptive cruise control is the tertiary advanced feature of the preexisting system. It allows your car to accelerate or decelerate depending upon the speed of the car in front of you.

This elaborate system calculates the speed of the vehicle in front of you to gauge what to do next. It uses data from the radar sensors to determine the speed of the other vehicle in front of you in your lane to maintain a safe following distance.

Advanced Infotainment System

While infotainment systems in cars have been around for almost three decades now, they race to add more and more features is on right now. Most modern cars these days come with an elaborate infotainment system that offers a multitude of functions.

You can easily plug in your smartphone via Android Auto and Apple CarPlay for a smooth and enjoyable experience. It can act as a source of entertainment as well as providing parameters of the car.

Having an infotainment system in your car will make your commuting journey productive if you listen to an audiobook or you can just listen to your favorite opera singer if that’s what your heart desires.

Climate Control

Climate control is the successor of ventilation and air conditioning systems in vehicles and it is considered as the panacea for the issues of unpleasant weather conditions in cars. It maintains an optimal temperature in all seasons of all extremities in automobiles.

Climate control

It utilizes special sensors and a computer to manage the microclimate of the cabin. The passengers can set their own desired temperature and the climate control feature will manage it all for them.  This system is ideal because the passengers don’t have to constantly monitor or fiddle with the temperature settings.

In some of the most modern cars, the passengers can also set their temperatures in the cabin that is up to their liking. This creates a dual-zone (for left and right sides in the cabin) or a tri-zone (left and right-front passengers, and the rear portion of the cabin).

Lane assist

Owing to low visibility or lack of attention, cars can drift out of their lane and this safety feature reads the road to prevent that. It warns the driver of imminent danger and helps stop havoc in case of lane drifting.

Lane assist

In an era of digital distraction, there are three kinds of lane assist to keep our roads a safer place. This first is a minimal alert system. The warning can be conveyed through a vibration in the steering wheel or a ring sound to inform when you deviate from the right position in your lane.

The moderately advanced type is lane-keep assist. This feature will pull your car back inside the lane if you try to cross a lane without a turn signal.

Lane-centering assist is the most progressive and higher-level feature. This top-level feature keeps you centered in your lane to help eliminate the risk of lane drifting.

Blind-spot Monitor

Blind spots are inevitable and omnipresent and blind-spot monitoring (BSM) can help alleviate the risk of bumping into another vehicle that is going in the same direction in an adjacent lane.

Blind spots

It alerts the motorist by giving an audible or visual warning when an adjacent vehicle enters the blind spots of the car.  It uses ultrasonic or radar sensors and cameras that are fixed on the side mirrors or rear bumper to detect prospective cars that might bump into you.

Blindspot monitoring is an extra added feature for road safety while assisting in maneuvering. It doesn’t mean that the driver shouldn’t look over his shoulders or in the side-view mirrors as they are the prerequisite for checking blind spots.

Power seats

Power seats are electrically adjustable seats in cars. Some vehicles only offer a power seat for the driver however in some top-notch luxury cars, all seats function electrically. The passengers can adjust the elevation of the seat as well as the inclination with a mere button.

Power seats

A majority of the powered seats nowadays also come with heating or even a massage feature which is an epitome of ease for the residents of cold localities. Some power seats also come with a ‘memory’ feature which enables the seat to move into pre-set positions.

360-Degree Parking Camera

A 360-Degree Parking Camera system uses proximity sensors and a minimum of four cameras i.e. they are mounted at the front and rear bumper and at the side skirts on both sides of the car to give the best possible view of the surroundings.

360-degree parking

360-Degree Parking Camera system aids the driver in assessing what is happening around him to determine the blind spots. The system makes images with either four different views or a cohesive view of all the surroundings.

A 360-Degree Parking Camera gives real-life happenings to assist the driver in overcoming any obstacles in his way and turns him into a parking pro.

Adjustable Steering (Reach-and-Rake)

With many people using a single car, an adjustable steering wheel can be the ultimate form of comfort and relief as it can provide a vertical direction adjustment while supporting your driving position. Different car drivers have usually divergent steering dynamics and a reach-and-rake steering can provide that.

Adjustable Steering

In rake adjustment, you can lift the wheel higher and lower i.e. in case you have longer legs and you want to elevate the steering wheel.

Whereas in reach adjustment the wheel can be shifted towards you or away from you i.e. if you have short arms it can benefit you by helping you reach the wheel.

The Bottom Line

Automobile companies come out with a myriad of features every day but it is up to your own needs to decipher what are must-haves for you and what you can pass on while purchasing a car. With automobile companies are coming out with new and novel advancements every day it is mandatory to explore, search your options and select what suits you best.

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