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Honda And Changan Prices Increased To An Alarming New

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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After the rapid devaluation of the rupee, car manufacturers were bound to increase prices and so they did one by one starting with Kia and Hyundai.

Honda Atlas and Master Changan announced their price hike for this wave of price hikes. While the increase in prices is alarming, given the value rupee lost in comparison to dollars, it was evident. The increase that has taken in this wave of price hikes has made buying cars almost impossible for Pakistani buyers.  

Here are the revised prices from Honda Atlas:

Updated prices of Honda Atlas cars

Keep in mind that the Civic Turbo launched in February at the price of Rs. 6,399,000, and has reached Rs 8,099,000 in only a few months. On the other hand, the most affordable Honda City 1.2 MT has reached a price of Rs. 4,049,000 and the top variant 1.5 Aspire CVT has reached Rs. 4,799,000.

Here are the updated prices of Master Changan:

Updated prices of Master Changan cars

While the increase in the prices of Changan cars hurts its buyers as well, the increase is relatively smaller than that of Toyota and Honda. If another price increase does not come anytime soon, Changan Alsvin is a much better option than their competitors like the Toyota Yaris, and Honda Civic.

Do you agree? Let us know if you’d prefer the Changan Alsvin over Honda City and Toyota Yaris.

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