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How To Maintain Your Radiator In Summer? And 3 Best Radiators

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This year, the summer has been much hotter than normal. The scorching heat is unbearable for humans as well as vehicles. Due to the hot weather, many vehicles face the problem of over-heating. And you, too, might get into this problem at any unexpected time.

How To Maintain Your Radiator In Summer

But remember to be patient and allow your vehicle’s engine to rest for a bit. The over-heating problem indicates an issue with your radiator, usually. The radiator system is manufactured to eliminate the heat from your vehicle’s engine preventing it from becoming over-heated. And you will face this problem too often if you drive an old vehicle.

But guess what? You can minimize the chances of this happening by properly maintaining your vehicle’s radiator. As long as things are taken care of, they last! The same goes with your car radiator. We have made a list of a few ways by which you can maintain your radiator in summer.

Use the right coolant

One of the top tips for maintaining your vehicle’s radiator in summer is using the right coolant for it. One should try to use the coolants which are specifically made for their vehicle’s model. Mixing coolants can prove to be inefficient. A coolant works to prevent the radiator from overheating.

How To Maintain Your Radiator In Summer

In summers, the right coolant will prevent your engine from reaching boiling temperatures. If you won’t put the right amount and right type of coolant in the radiator, it will fail to work. Moreover, the right coolant will save you fuel and prevent the engine from corrosion and rust.

Flush your radiator once a month

Another important thing you might want to do to maintain your radiator is flush it regularly. Flushing the radiator will help to keep it functioning smoothly. It will help to remove any dust particles and debris that accumulate over time. It is advised to flush the radiator thoroughly followed by a new coolant fill after every 12 months or 30,000 km.

How To Maintain Your Radiator In Summer

Check for leaks and maintain the hoses

Every time you go for an oil change, make sure to keep an eye for any kinds of leaks and scratches in the radiator. If the clamps of the radiator are rusted, you should change them without a second thought. Also, check that the gasket attached to the radiator cap is perfect. If you see any leaks or spots under the engine, take your vehicle to a professional.

Fluid Check

When using coolants, you don’t only have to choose the right one for your radiator. You need to fill in the proper amount. It is very important to maintain proper levels of coolant. If it is too low, the radiator won’t be able to prevent the engine from overheating.

Avoid overloading your vehicle

The heavier your vehicle, the more effort the engine needs to put in. The increased engine work puts pressure on the radiator and it further needs to work harder to keep the engine cool. So, if you want your radiator to work properly, you should avoid overloading your vehicle.

3 Best Radiators

Denso 2213220 Accessories

Dena 2213220 is a well-functioning radiator manufactured by the company Denso. These radiators are sold all over the globe. It is composed of a plastic tank with an aluminum core. The inlet and outlet tank diameter is 1.125 inches. It is available in cross-flow and down-flow configurations. The good thing about this one is that it does not require any bracket to set.

The Denso 2213220 is the best radiator as it keeps the engine healthy and fresh. This radiator is very durable and does not fail in challenging conditions. It prevents the overheating of the engine with higher pressure as well.

Spectra Premium CU1193

Spectra Premium is engineered with innovative methods. These radiators are known all around the world for their quality control and advanced technology. These radiators provide superior functioning even to your original car radiators. Spectra uses heavy-duty plastic to construct the tank of the radiator. The inlet diameter is 11/4 inches while the outlet diameter is 11/2 inches.

The best thing about this radiator is that it has a leak endurance and it is aging-tested. The aluminum core of this radiator gives maximum crimp strength. It is equipped with a shocked thermal gasket with O-rings. This ensures the highest durability even in extremely hot weather.

Mishimoto MMRAD-F2D-03 Silver Performance Aluminum

This radiator is made of brazed aluminum containing a  magnetic plug for better performance. The inlet dimension is 1.77 inches while the outlet dimension is 1.4 inches. The aluminum core helps to give the perfect fluid temperature. It provides maximum heat dissipation.


You should select the best radiator for your vehicle. We hope that you now know how you can maintain it so that it could last longer.

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