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MG HS - the SUV that’s still high in demand despite huge delays

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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It has almost been one year since MG opened booking its first vehicle in Pakistan and car enthusiasts were very excited. The excitement can be judged from the sky-high number of bookings that were made early on. Right from the start, buyers were complaining about massive delays in their car’s deliveries.

However, these issues could not repel more customers and the booking list kept getting bigger and bigger. And while it has been a year the excitement with which more and more people are booking their MGs shows that there is something special about this car.

So let’s do a review of this SUV and see what it has to offer.

MG motors Pakistan | price list

Currently, MG HS is available in 2 variants; the 1.5 Turbo and 1.5 eHS. The former is the hot-selling one while the latter one is the hybrid variant which is quite rare yet. It’s also pertinent to mention that the HS is being sold in Pakistan as a completely built unit, which adds a lot to its price point.

In comparison to the MG HS, the ZS is locally assembled and with a few features missing, is almost PKR 1.5 million cheaper than the HS. It’s also worth noting that the ZS is comparatively a smaller SUV than the HS and lacks a sunroof.

MG HS Pakistan
MG HS Pakistan

The third option that MG provides in this price range is the ZS EV, which is the cheapest electric SUV in the Pakistani market and quite a good option although it costs a million Ruppe more.

Lastly, it is to be noted that all MG cars being offered till the publishing of this article are front-wheel drive, none of them is an all-wheel drive. Even though there are a few MGs especially sedans that are to be launched soon, they will also be front-wheel drives, not all-wheel.


So when you start noticing the body of MG HS, one of its most shining features is its galaxy grille on the front with a huge MG logo at its center. The front bumper is equipped with a diffuser to provide a sporty look and on both of its sides are fog lamps surrounded by mesh grills.

MG HS front view
MG HS front view

Moreover, its front lights are not just DRLs but also true adaptive headlights that can sense low visibility and adjust their brightness likewise. The last thing we want to mention is the square gadget below the number plate, which is the sensor for adaptive cruise control.

When you observe the side profile of the MG HS, you’ll observe the alloy rims on the 18” tires. Moreover, you’ll notice the Michellin tires which are a lot more than what we normally get with new cars in Pakistan.

Besides this, a black panel at the bottom edge runs around the car. On top of that, we get a few crome lines, one on the roof rails, one on the bottom exterior of the doors, and one around the windows.

MG HS side and rear view
MG HS side and rear view

The side-view mirrors are equipped with turn signals and cameras. On the rear side of this car, you’ll find quite beautiful LED lights that are equipped with running signal indicators that add a very premium feel to this car. Moreover, the MG HS is equipped with twin exhausts that are both operational and not artificial, unlike most other cars. Furthermore, you’ll find parking sensors on the diffuser bumper and a shark fin antenna on top of the rear roof.

When it comes to the boot space of this car, the MG HS has ample storage space, probably more than any other car of this category.


MG HS is well known for its premium interior. It’s often called the only reason for its high sale. In Pakistan, we have three color options for MG HS’s interior; red, beige, and black. All these colors are available in premium quality leather that seems quite durable and comfortable. Their cushioning is very comforting for all passengers.

MG HS red interior
MG HS red interior

A smart keyless entry option is provided here. Once you enter you’ll notice unconventional buttons, an unconventional speedometer, AC vents, and steering. One of the most attractive features of this car like others in this category is the panoramic sunroof.

The MG HS is jam-packed with tech features, and one of these functions is the ADAS feature, which stands for Advanced driver-assistance systems. This is the underlying system behind a lot of the features in the MG HS. It allows the driver to switch MG pilot, traffic jam assist, lane assist, and collision control. ADAS can also be called the level one of autonomous vehicles.

Moreover, we get six airbags in the MG HS, which is a lot more than we normally get with cars in Pakistan. Lastly, the 360-degree camera is also a huge help for the driver.


Like we’ve already mentioned that the MG HS has a 1.5 turbo engine, on top of that it has a seven-speed Dual-Clutch Transmission (DCT). The power and drive of the MG HS are great. Since paddle shifters, sports mode, and eco mode are provided, a driver can drive with quite a lot of comfort.

MG HS mechanics
MG HS mechanics

Moreover, the adaptive cruise control of the MG HS is also quite efficient. When it comes to the suspension of the MG HS, it fairs pretty well. A driver will feel quite relaxed when driving on bumpy roads with this car.

Lastly, the fuel average of this car struggles quite a bit. While the company claims a fuel economy of 10 KM/L for urban areas and 13 KM/L for highways, in reality, it’s 7 and 10 respectively.


Well, as you’ve guessed from our review that the MG HS is quite a good car for the Pakistani market. It’s definitely worth the price tag without any “Onn” money. However, it’s struggling with delivery delays that have garnered a negative reputation for the automaker in Pakistan. Moreover, while MG has established its assembling plant in Pakistan and announced models that it will assemble locally, with test units present at all its dealerships, it has not started doing so.

Whatever the reasons are, we are desperately waiting for those CKD and SKD units because they will be comparatively affordable. The overarching question however will be the quality of those units.

On top of that, we are also waiting for MG sedans, we’ve also written an article on MG 5. While we are not sure how much they will cost, but whatever MG sedans price in Pakistan is we hope buyers will rush to it quite enthusiastically.

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