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MG5 - The Game Changer in Pakistan

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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The MG5 has been highly anticipated by Pakistani car enthusiasts since Javed Afridi teased its price on Twitter back in February. For those that don’t know, Javed Afridi is the owner of JW Auto Park which owns Morris Garage Pakistan.

The first MG car launched in Pakistan was HS back in November, which received an overwhelmingly positive response from buyers. The booking list for MG HS is so long that buyers have to wait 7-8 months for their car to arrive. Despite this, buyers are loving it and they consider the car worth waiting for.

Now the wait is for MG5, MG’s C-segment compact sedan, and after a long wait it seems like the launching date is not very far. Videos of MG5 being transported from Karachi’s port have gone viral. It seems like it was being transported to MG’s dealership and will soon be tested on Pakistan’s roads.

So we decided to review this car for buyers who are thinking whether they should book the car at the earliest before the list becomes too long. Before we start reviewing the car, we want you to know that MG5 falls in competition with Honda Civic, Toyota Corolla, and Hyundai Elantra.

While we don’t know what features will MG5 retain for its Pakistani buyers, we can count its international variant and hope we get the same. So without further ado, let’s dive right in.

MG5 - Exterior

MG5 is a very stylish car and it will stand out from its competitors quite easily. It has a sporty shape, especially given its front grille, its attractive headlamps, DRLs, and skid plate on the front.  The MG5 has a wheelbase of 2.68 which is a bit more than the Toyota Corrola.

MG5 - Exterior
MG5 - Exterior

The MG5 is so full of features that it makes its competitors in the Pakistani car market look medieval. Those features include Parking sensors, side mirror cameras, dusk sensors, and follow-me headlamps.

The MG5 comes in White, red, grey, black, and blue colors.


MG5 has a very graceful interior and will give its Pakistani competitors a tough time. Buyers have two color options when it comes to selecting their MG5’s interior, one is black+biege and the second is full black. The seats are covered with premium quality leather and the front ones have the feature of ventilation. The front seats are also electrically adjustable.

MG5 - Interior
MG5 - Interior

The outstanding feature of MG5 is that it comes with six airbags which are way more than its contemporaries do. Besides the four usual airbags, the two extra are added to the sides and curtains to prevent the passenger and driver from hitting those areas in case of an accident.

Besides this, a 10-inch touch screen infotainment system is also provided, which supports Android and Apple connectivity. The glovebox provided has sufficient space for small things you want stored and accessible. More storage space is provided in the front armrest while a storage box for your glasses is also provided on the roof just beside the reading lights.

The rear seats have sufficient legroom besides having three headrests which means this car is designed for 5 persons. This is a rare feature to find when you go to buy used cars in Pakistan.


When it comes to mechanics, MG5 still outperforms its competitors in the Pakistani market. First of all, it has a 1500 cc engine which produces a torque power of 150 NM and 118 Hp. MG claims that this car can provide you a mileage of 19 km per liter which is way better than its rivals in Pakistan.

MG5 - inside front bonnet
MG5 - Inside front bonnet

The MG5 is a front-wheel-drive car with a CVT transmission. It’s also equipped with ABS brakes which are quite essential in avoiding collisions. This is also a rare feature to find when you go to buy used cars in Pakistan but can be found in the latest ones.

Added features

The MG5 is so packed with advanced features that the current c-segment cars will have a tough time competing with it. The MG5 is also equipped with electronic stability control, a feature that is quite advanced but essential in preventing accidents.

Another great edge that the MG5 has over its competitors in the Pakistani market is the 360-degree visibility. This feature allows you to view your car from all sides, which can be very helpful for Pakistani drivers who have to drive through narrow streets.

MG5 - front dash board
MG5 - front dash board

The steering wheel of MG5 provides the freedom to adjust it manually. The steering wheel also supports call connectivity and multimedia control. Moreso, the steering wheel is equipped with a speed sensor that makes the steering wheel stiff while you are driving at higher speeds. The purpose of this is to improve driver control and avoid minor deflections.

The TFT cluster information provided in the MG5 is also a huge leg up from the LCD meters we get in most used cars in Pakistan The provision of a sunroof enhances the luxury element of MG5.

Final Word

With all that’s been said about the MG5, it’s a no-brainer that this is a car worth your money. If you think it’s not or if you think there is something in this car that’s a disadvantage, let us know.  

Besides, we hope you are looking forward to the launch and preparing to book one for yourself as well. Otherwise, it will take time to find it in the section of used cars in Pakistan.

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