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Proton X70 Deliveries - Update

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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Proton X70 was launched almost a year and a half ago in Pakistan however the number of vehicles on the road is almost rare. Thus, blatant rumors have started circulating in the market which suggests that the sales of this highly marketed Proton crossover have dropped to absolute zero in March 2022.

There is a heated debate in the auto market about whether this specific model or brand,  has left the market or is in the imminent future? Let’s dig deep into the matter to decipher what’s going on!

Update on Deliveries

Production ceased owing to COVID-19 in Malaysia when the crossover was introduced in the Pakistani auto market. Moreover, import restrictions also contributed to delayed deliveries of Proton X70.

In September 2021, when the world started going back to normal, Proton stayed true to its statement and delivered what it promised by resuming its operations and sending shipments as early as possible.

The first Proton X70 unit was locally assembled in January 2022. Moreover, the mass production of the units was said to start in March 2022. However, April is about to end and prospective car owners are waiting in anticipation for their cars as the booking happened almost a year ago.

However, we want to tell our readers that Proton has announced that it has initiated the deliveries of the X70.

Proton deliveries

Cancellation of Bookings

Various media outlets have reported that customers are getting impatient due to the year-long wait and started canceling their bookings for Proton X70. To further add fuel to fire, Proton has yet to refund the booking fee to the customers who have canceled their orders.

Statement by Proton Pakistan

Proton has negated all news of zero sales and according to a company official, bookings for the Proton X70 are still open and customers will start receiving their cars just before Eid.

Our Thoughts on the matter

While we sympathize with Proton when they claim that their manufacturing plant in Malaysia was under a lockdown, the automaker has to consider that the buyers have to endure a lot as well. For most buyers, it has been either a year or more than that since they booked their X70. That’s a lot of time to get your hands on the car that you’ve paid so much for.

Moreover, the competition is very stiff, automakers like Toyota and Changan have been delivering their vehicles quite rapidly. No matter what the reason is, Brands like Proton and MG will receive a lot of criticism and loss of customers. Therefore, they will have to work on this.

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