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Selecting Best Engine Oil For Your Car

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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One of the most important parts of car maintenance is servicing. One part that gets under-looked often is how to choose the engine oil for your used car in Pakistan. Engine oil also called motor oil is a lubricant used in the engines of vehicles to keep them smooth.

Let us explain the importance of the engine oil of a car by comparing it to the blood flowing in our veins. If there is blockage or disturbance in the blood flow, our body will stop functioning. The same is the case with the car’s engine, if the engine is not kept lubricated by the engine oil, it will seize.

The market has a vast variety of engine oils available. There are many types and viscosities of engine oils. You might risk the health of your vehicle’s engine if you do not have the proper knowledge. If you are one of those people, you have little or no knowledge of engine oils, you are at the right place.

In the article, we will have an elaborated view of the different types of engine oil for your cars.

Types of Engine Oils

There are many types of engine oils present all around the market. The basic types of engine oils include:

  • Mineral Engine Oils
  • Synthetic Engine Oils (Semi-synthetic and Fully Synthetic)

Mineral Engine Oils

We can get mineral oil by refining crude petroleum. Mineral oils fall in the category of conventional oils. The flow rate of any mineral oil in the engine is slow.

This increases fuel consumption and impacts the performance of the vehicle. Mineral oils are free of any additives which makes them pure.

Engine oil powering the engine
Engine oil powering the engine

Pure oils are not able to tolerate high engine temperatures. These types of oils need frequent changes. Mineral Oils cause pollution. Mineral oils are very affordable. Hence, many automobile users prefer using mineral oils for their car engines.

Synthetic Engine Oils

Unlike mineral engine oils, synthetic engine oils do not occur in nature. They are synthesized in laboratories by the addition of various chemicals (additives). Synthetic oils provide increased engine power and cause decreased fuel consumption.

Synthetic engine oils are suitable for the environment. They do not cause as much pollution compared to the mineral engine oils. These engine oils are expensive but are the best option for your car as they do not need frequent changes.

Synthetic oils are further classified into semi-synthetic oils and full synthetic oils.

Semi-Synthetic Oils

Semi-Synthetic oils are also referred to as blended engine oils. They are a mixture of mineral engine oil and synthetic engine oils.

This means that these engine oils are semi pure. They contain some additives in them which helps to increase the efficiency of the engine.

Fully Synthetic Oils

Full synthetic oils are pure manmade. They are synthesized completely with the help of additives in the laboratories. These types of engine oils are the most powerful oils.

best engine oil for your car
best engine oil for your car

Full synthetic oils are manufactured to tolerate high engine temperatures, unlike mineral oils. Thus, increasing the power and efficiency of the engine.

Consider the following points to select the best engine oil for your car.

Know the amount you are willing to pay

Take into consideration how much money you want to spend on your engine oil. Many people will go for a cheaper type because they don't want to pay an arm and a leg for some fluid.

It is advisable to go with either the cheapest or mid-price range of engine oil. These oils are generally better than other types that help to extend the life of your car in Pakistan. If you are unable to buy full synthetic engine oils, you have the option to buy the alternative. That is mineral or semi-synthetic engine oils.

Know your usage

Another factor to consider is how often you drive your used car in Pakistan. If you are someone who drives every day or every day, then it would be wise to change your oil more frequently.

You should aim for an interval of around 5000 miles per oil change when dealing with modern vehicles. In this case, using mineral oil will be the best decision. If you are someone who doesn't drive much at all, you can get away with using synthetic engine oil.

Know your usage
Know your usage

Know when to change the oil

One mistake people make is that they check how many miles until their engine oil needs to be changed again. The best way is to pull up the Maintenance Required light on your dashboard.

Fill the engine up right before that number hits zero. Using synthetic oils should be preferred as they do not need frequent changes.

Engine oil for colder climates

If you are someone who doesn't drive much at all, you will want to go with a higher viscosity engine oil. Thicker engine oil is less likely to break down in cold climates.

The oil gets that nice wintery mix of snow and rain below freezing temperatures. Synthetic oils are best for colder climates as they are smoother.

Give attention to the air filter

Consider how often you need to change the air filter on your car in Pakistan. Using an advanced synthetic formula can help extend how long the air filter lasts.

Air filter on your car
The air filter in your car

Some synthetic oils tend to cling better to surfaces than non-synthetic oils do. But, if you use regular mineral engine oil for your vehicle, consider yourself lucky! You won't need to change your air filter as often.

Test the engine oil

Consider how well the oil was tested and how it fared in those tests. Many different types of tests go into how well a certain kind of motor oil will perform. All engine oils were created for their own reasons.

One test you might want to look at is how resistant it is to forming sludge deposits. Sludge deposits can clog up vital components like coolant passages. They decrease the life of your vehicle's engine.

The Bottom Line

Engine oil is necessary for the proper functioning of your vehicle. Selecting the best engine oil for your car can be challenging but it is not impossible. You can select the engine oil by following the points mentioned above.

A lot goes into making sure that car owners get what they pay for. But if one base is covered, then you can be sure that your car is in good hands with how you decide to serve it.

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