The Budget Pakistani Sedan in 2021

The Budget Pakistani Sedan in 2021

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by Ishaq Nabi


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Just a couple of years ago, Pakistani consumers were stuck with two brands of Sedan; Toyota and Honda. In the budget Sedan category, Toyota offered the 1.3 GLI and Xli whereas Honda offered its City model. These two models had been going on for over 2 decades, with little to no improvement. This can be witnessed when one goes to look for used cars for sale in Pakistan. No matter how much consumers complained, there was no hope for change.

Luckily that has changed as we witnessed the entry of Kia, Hyundai, and Changan. In a very short time, these brands attracted a lot of buyers such that Honda and Toyota were compelled to step their game up for the competition. This is probably why Toyota has changed its Gli and Xli into Yaris and Honda has also introduced its new generation.

Comparing Yaris, Alsvin and City

Suddenly, with so many competitors in the budget sedan category, buyers are confused as to which is the best option. Therefore, we have decided to step up and solve this dilemma for you. We will be comparing Changan Alsvin, Honda City 6th generation, and Toyota Yaris.

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This will not just be a check box review but a detailed one. So without further ado, let’s compare.

Price Comparison

We are doing a price comparison first because we believe it’s important that the buyer knows what’s in his range and what’s not. Don’t be worried if the most expensive one amongst these is not in your budget, even the most affordable one is good enough for the average buyer.

Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris comes in 6 variants; the most affordable one costing PKR 2,509,000 and the higher-end one being worth PKR 2,999,000.

Honda City

The Honda City also comes in 6 variants; the most affordable one starting from PKR 2,599,000 and the most expensive one being with PKR 3,159,000. This shows that Honda City is the most expensive one among the three.

Changan Alsvin

The Changan Alsvin comes in three variants; the most affordable one being the MT version costing PKR 2,199,000 to the DCT version being PKR 2,399,000 and finally the Lumiere, the one most sought after, being  PKR 2,549,000. With these prices, Alsvin is the most affordable option amongst the three and this is why it’s expected to sell the most.


Toyota Yaris

The Yaris is a huge upgrade that clearly differentiates it from the previous GLi and XLi models. Its rounded front fascia, sharp features, and huge bumper grille look sleek and stylish. It has garnered a positive response from Toyota lovers.

Toyota Yaris front view

Honda City

Exterior wise all three makers have done a decent job, although the City has not garnered as much appreciation as the other two. While Honda is promoting its 6th generation as a significant upgrade over its previous generation, consumers seem disappointed, especially when it comes to its exterior. Most complain that the change isn’t significant enough.

Honda City 6th generation front view

Changan Alsvin

Changan Alsvin being a new entrant in the market has sparked fascination amongst early movers. Although it’s a decent-looking car, it provides a refreshing escape from the other two that early movers are rushing to buy.

Changan Alsvin front view


Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris hasn’t changed enough from its predecessor when it comes to its interior. The color of its seats. the exterior of its glove compartment, the interior of its roof and doors is beige. The material is probably suede leather. Whereas the dashboard, the speedometer frame, the window control panel, and the area from the ventilation controls to the gear lever are black and made from sturdy plastic.

A plastic silver trim has been used sparingly around the vents, on the lever of the doorknob, and on the steering. The legroom for the front seats is more than enough but a tall guy might find it hard to adjust in the rear seats.

Toyota Yaris Interior

Honda City

When it comes to the interior, Honda City has done a good job with its 6th generation relative to its other aspects. Its dashboard, steering, and gear lever’s panel are black. It’s in contrast with the rest of the interior which is colored in ivory. Surprisingly the city has the most legroom out of the three.

All variants of the 6th generation have touch screen infotainment systems in them. Moreover, for the first time, Honda has provided retractable mirrors in all of its City variants. The 6th gen has introduced rear AC vents in its top-of-the-line variants, which is the first time in a Honda City.

Honda City 6th generation Interior

Changan Alsvin

The Alsvin has a unique interior that most Pakistanis will find intriguing. It has a futuristic design that, according to some, resembles a cockpit. Its 7-inch standout touch screen is unlike the ones in its competitors. Its seats are comfortable and its legroom is good enough for 4 adults.

Changan Alsvin Interior


When it comes to engine, horsepower, and torque there’s not much of a difference between these three. We can compare figures and checkpoints but you can find that kind of comparison every other place. We want to save our readers from that kind of headache.

We want to give our opinion on what we think is the best and when it comes to performance all three of these do a good job. Even the fuel average is quite the same. All three have the same suspension, ABS technology, and adjustable steering wheel.


So despite this plethora of knowledge, it all comes down to every user’s personal choice. We believe all of them are worth their price tag. Changan’s Alsvin despite being the lowest price has ensured its place in the competition. So don’t fall for the price tag and see what you find the most worthwhile.

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