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The Prevalence and Popularity of Daewoo Bus Service in Pakistan

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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Daewoo Express is an urban-centric inter-city transport service provider working in Pakistan since its inception in December 1997. Initially owned by Daewoo Corporation based in Korea, the bus service proved to be a trendsetter with its remarkable infrastructural setup and a large fleet of buses.  


Even after the bankruptcy of the Daewoo Group during the Asian Financial Crisis, the transport company still operates under the Daewoo brand name. When its operations started in 1999, it revolutionized the transportation arena in Pakistan as it promised safe, enjoyable, and affordable travel.

With its headquarters based in Lahore, Daewoo Bus Service is the pioneer of luxe inter-city transportation services. It operates in over 50 cities along with government-contracted intra-city routes in Lahore and Multan.

The extra space in the Daewoo buses acts as storage for a cargo service known as Daewoo FastEx Cargo service.

Factors Behind the Success

Here are some of the factors that make Daewoo Express stand out:

First-Mover Advantage

Despite the readily available presence of other transport alternatives like Faisal Movers, Skyways, Kohistan Express, and Niazi Express, Daewoo Bus Service still remains the popular choice for a certain stratum of the society.

Daewoo Sleeper Busses

One of the crucial factors is the first-movers advantage. Even though new companies have entered the market, customers still engender loyalty to the Daewoo Bus Service. Owing to its brand recognition and brand loyalty, its name still continues to thrive.

When Daewoo express started out in the Pakistani industry there was no organized model for inter-city travel which led to chaos and commotion. Daewoo Express was the first of its kind which resulted in its massive success.

Organized Model of Travel

Traveling via Daewoo Bus Service is pretty straightforward. You get a seat booked by either calling their helpline or through their booking app. You reach their state-of-the-art terminals, get your ticket from the counter and hop on the bus in an organized and orderly manner.

A person makes video footage of everyone in the bus for security purposes and you are on your way to your destination. You reach your destination on time without any unnecessary stops. The doors of the bus open when you reach the destined terminal without taking any new passengers on the way.

Deemed Safe for Women

Daewoo Bus service was the first transport service provider in Pakistan where women felt comfortable enough to travel alone. Women only sat with women and usually got seats at the front of the buses on a priority basis. With the no-stop policy and the state-of-the-art terminals, women felt safe and secure and were able to travel solo inter-city.

This is one of the biggest revolutionary accomplishments of the Daewoo Bus Service. It also created job opportunities for women belonging to lower-income families who worked as bus hostesses. The presence of bus attendants was halted for a few years due to a major harassment scandal however, the practice has restarted again.

Providing safe and reliable transport for women is a feat in itself and Daewoo Bus Service is appreciated by the masses as well as by the Governments of Pakistan for this undeniable fact.

The Current Condition of Daewoo Bus Service

The Sorry State of Buses

The state of some buses used by Daewoo Bus Service on some routes like Lahore-Sargodha is unspeakable.  Despite the popularity and the blind trust of loyal clientele, Daewoo Bus Service still uses very old and unmaintained buses for commuting which results in a very uncomfortable journey for the passengers.

For many years Daewoo Express used to provide refreshments to all the passengers which were included in the ticket fee however this service has halted in recent years. Most of the buses don’t have functioning media systems with no headphones given to passengers now. The air conditioning in some of the buses doesn’t even work anymore.

The Advent of Better Alternatives

Even though the transport quality has worsened in recent years, the ticket price has drastically increased.  Elevation of ticket prices with the depreciation of the quality has compelled some of the loyal customers to switch to other service providers like Faisal Movers and Skyways.

Faisal Movers

These alternatives provide better transport services with cost-efficient prices. Some have very advanced media systems that passengers can utilize on long journeys. Luxury Transport buses like QConnect have also entered the market which has further amplified the competition.


What does Daewoo Bus Service need to do Now?

Daewoo Bus Service needs to upgrade its service, lower the ticket price and revamp the buses in order to regain its glory. Daewoo Express pioneered luxe inter-city travel in Pakistan and it’s high time it reclaims its throne.

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