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Toyota Yaris - Price, Features, and Everything else

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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As you all know Toyota Yaris launched last year on 19th April and it replaced the previously running GLI/Xli lineup. It’s been over a year now and Yaris is a common sight on the Pakistani roads. Consumers have also used it enough to give their long-term reviews and therefore, we decided to review this car for risk-averse consumers.

So, without further ado, let’s dissect different aspects of Toyota Yaris Pakistan.

Toyota Yaris price in Pakistan

The price of Toyota Yaris has fluctuated a lot this year due to changes in dollar valuation and price hikes of raw materials, processor chips, and cargo shipping. Nonetheless, the Toyota Yaris has been launched in six variants. Its most basic variant, Yaris GLi MT 1.3, is currently priced at PKR 24.09 lacs while Its top of line variant, Yaris ATIV x CVT 1.5, is priced at PKR 28.99 lacs. All the remaining variants fall between these two.

Toyota Yaris 2021 price in Pakistan
Toyota Yaris 2021 price in Pakistan

This time Toyota has provided several colors in its subcompact sedan, which is healthy freedom of choice. These include:

  • Dark Blue
  • Grey Graphite
  • Orange
  • Red Mica
  • Silver Metallic
  • Super White


Exterior wise Yaris is a slight upgrade from its predecessors. It seems like Toyota felt the need to reduce its subcompact sedan to compete with their competitor. This is why despite Yaris being 195mm shorter and 45mm narrower it’s slightly longer and wider than its biggest rival Honda City by 45mm. This seems like a calculated move as it reduces the car’s body weight while still being more spacious than its rivals.

The noticeable addition in the exterior of the Toyota Yaris Pakistan is the sharp, crisp, and outwardly carves body lines. You can notice them starting from the front fender and go all the way through the doors to the rear end. Similar lines can be noticed on the front bonnet of the car.

Toyota Yaris side view
Toyota Yaris side view

The grille on the front bumper and even the bumper itself has been designed to give a sporty look. The tail lamps are designed beautifully with a wide LED light strip used in them.

The difference between the six variants exterior-wise has been kept minimal. All of them have body-colored side mirrors and door handles. The difference is in the details. Both the ATIV and the Gli have the same black front grille but the former has the top strip in chrome. Similarly, the ATIV comes with fog lamps and alloy wheels whereas the GLi doesn’t.

Toyota Yaris front view
Toyota Yaris front view

None of these variants have a sunroof just like its predecessor Corolla GLi/XLi or its rival Honda City. However, Changan Alsvin does and therefore, it will probably give Yaris a run for its money in the upcoming year.

Keep in mind Changan Alsvin is also a rival to Toyota Yaris and Honda City but since it launched after Yaris, it seems Toyota didn’t have it in mind. If you want to see a full review of these three subcompact sedans, check out our detailed article on this subject.

Lastly, ground clearance wise Toyota never disappoints, even on roads like the ones in Pakistan.


Interior wise Yaris is also a great car. Its two-toned interior gives a very welcome look. Fortunately, all Yaris variants have been provided with power steering and power windows. The difference is that the base variants, the GLis, do not have steering controls, silver-finished door handles, and the Optitron meter.

Toyota Yaris interior
Toyota Yaris interior 

While all these variants have the same infotainment system, the GLi variants have two speakers while the ATIV has four. Other minor things provided in the ATIV variants are the chrome frame around the AC vents and the silver strip on the dashboard. While these are minor details, they do add a premium look to the car’s interior.

The legroom, headroom, and boot space provided in the Toyota Yaris are also sufficient and the same across all its variants. Its front windshield is soundproofed to improve noise insulation. However, it would have been better if side windows were insulated too.


The Toyota Yaris is a good enough car when it comes to its performance, especially with the recent entrants in this category, we expect a lot more. Although Toyota has provided the 1NR-FE engine in this category, it feels underpowered. The 1.3L dual VVTi engine creates a horsepower of 98 and a torque of 123Nm.

Toyota Yaris inside bonnet
Toyota Yaris inside bonnet

As for the MT variant, the same 5-speed manual transmission is provided, and at this price point, we can’t complain. You can opt for a CVT variant to get a better gear-changing experience.

The Toyota Yaris has been equipped with disc brakes in the front wheels and drum brakes in the rear wheels. Besides, the same ABS brakes have been provided in the Yaris just like its predecessor.

The fuel average is also good enough as it usually falls within 13-15 km/l in urban areas whereas it increases to 15-17 on highways.

Added features

Toyota Yaris has been equipped with hill assist which is a healthy addition to the 1.3/1.5 lineup of Toyota. This will be helpful for owners who visit the northern areas of Pakistan or those who are required to park their car on slopes.

Furthermore, vehicle stability control (VSC) and traction control are also an added features in this lineup that previously were not. These are again helpful for those who wander north to the hilly areas. Even in cities, these two features are very helpful especially when it rains.

Other healthy additions are the immobilizer and Key reminder warning features. The former will prevent you from theft by only accepting the original key. The latter, however, alarms you when you forget your car keys inside. Many car owners will agree with the importance of this feature.

Lastly, to prevent instances like kids starting the car while playing with it, the manual variants of Toyota Yaris are equipped with a safety feature that prevents this from happening. To turn on these cars, you will have to press their clutch while rotating the key.


That’s all we had to say about Toyota Yaris Pakistan and we believe Yaris is a good car for the average Pakistani user but we would be more appreciative if we saw Toyota GR Yaris being launched in Pakistan.  It would be a good competitor to the compact hatchbacks in Pakistan like the Kia Picanto and Suzuki Cultus.

With that being said, we hope all your queries have been answered by now. In case you still have a query unanswered, let us know and we would love to answer it for you.

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