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Pak Suzuki Increases Prices of All Its Cars

Ishaq Nabi
by Ishaq Nabi


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Amidst the ongoing wave of price hikes, Pakistan’s car enthusiasts were bombarded with fake notices of Pak Suzuki’s revised prices. While other car makers were hiking prices significantly, it was evident that the hike in Suzuki car prices will also be quite remarkable.

We kept in touch with our sources in Pak Suzuki, and while all other automakers had taken their turns hiking prices, Pak Suzuki came at last. Nonetheless, we received the circular today. Here’s a list of the updated prices of all the Suzuki cars in Pakistan:

Pak Suzuki updated prices 2022

As you can see, the prices have increased massively. The Suzuki Swift GLX CVT, a hatchback will now cost almost Rs. 4 million, and the Cultus AGS will cost Rs. 3,379,000. Lastly, the Alto which is the most affordable and highest selling car in Pakistan will now cost Rs. 2,339,000.

Just a few months ago, at these prices, one could afford a brand new C- sediment sedan. So where have we come to? And how more will the prices increase? This remains to be seen, however, we expect car sales to drop for the next few years unless the rupee appreciates back to its below 200 times.

Until then, these are tough times for the average Pakistani consumer.

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