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Will my email be displayed when I’m selling a car?

No, your email willnotbe exposed to anyone. Interested buyers will enter the message they want to send you and we will simply forward that to you keeping your email address hidden from them. But in case you receive some spam, you will always have an option in the email to report the abuse and Car Mandee will take care of it.

How do I know these ads are genuine?

Car Mandee makes a lot of effort to keep the ad data clean. All used car ads go through an approvalprocess, in which our staff examines the content of each ad to see if all the details are in order. Also,after the ads are posted up on Car Mandee, first-time sellers are contacted by phone and our admin staff verifies that the car ad details they provided are proper and genuine.

Can I submit a motorcycle as a Car?

Yes, you can. When filling out the ‘Add your Car’ form, simply select ‘MotorCycle’ as the Car Make and ‘Any Model’ in the Car Model field. You can mention more details about the motorcycle in the text areas for the ‘extras’.

What kind of images can I upload on forum posts?

The image formats that we accept are JPEG, PNG.

My avatar is a GIF animation. Will it work?

No. Your animated-GIF avatars will not work.

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